05/20/2012 01:34 pm ET

Woman, Jean Filson, Finds 100-Year-Old Family Letters And Personal Documents In Old Trunk

Akin to a storybook adventure, a woman in California has found unexpected treasure in an old trunk, Fox News reports.

Jean Filson from Sacramento said a friend had given her the trunk without knowing its contents. When Filson opened it, she was amazed at what she found -- several letters and personal documents, some dating back more than 100 years.

Fox News reports that these pieces of history are likely the property of a serviceman named Otto Witesel.

Among the treasures that Filson found are letters that Witesel wrote to his mother, his cousins and a lover. The oldest of these dates from 1907.

Filson said she has come forward with her discovery in the hope that these lost memories can be reunited with the right people. She's hoping that someone will come forward with information about the Witesels.

"I’m hoping something comes of it, maybe we’ll meet the family," she said.

Note: Jean's last name was not printed by Fox News. However, in the video, she was referred to as 'Jean Filson.'