05/21/2012 11:43 am ET Updated May 21, 2012

GoogaMooga 2012: Hamageddon, Fried Chicken Fist Fights And More (PHOTOS)

If you managed to make it out to the Great GoogaMooga this weekend in New York City, then you need no help painting the scene: Bustling, can't-move-three-inches crowds; hour-long waits and winding lines for food and drink; and an astounding collection of dishes from the city's best and most interesting restaurants.

The free two-day festival was notably more insane on Saturday -- tensions bubbled over in an actual fist fight at the Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken event -- but there was still much to enjoy, assuming you kept your cool.

On the upside, people were quite fashionably dressed.

The design of the whole thing was breath-taking, especially the giant metal pig-shaped roaster emblazoned with the word "Hamageddon." There was an actual pig cooking inside!

The music, too, was a highlight. And, of course, the Extra Mooga section (the only place with an admission, a whopping $250) welcomed a slew of guests who weren't afraid to speak their minds, like LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy, comedian Aziz Ansari, Momofuku chef David Chang, famed lady-butcher April Bloomfield, food writer Ruth Reichl, the always controversial Anthony Bourdain and plenty others.

Experience the magic and insanity in the gallery below, complete with some serious food porn.

The Great GoogaMooga 2012