05/23/2012 12:29 pm ET

Defying The Odds: Celebrity Couples That Have Lasted

Phil and I just celebrated our 32nd anniversary, and it's hard to believe so many years have flown by. It's especially surprising for me since I was very wary of marriage when I was younger.

Of course, every marriage has its ups and downs and ours is no different. It's never easy when there are two careers in the family, and living in the public eye can be tricky at times. But every marriage has its own unique set of challenges, and every couple has to find their own ways to keep the marriage strong and the romance alive.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I can tell you that for Phil and me, the most important thing is making time for each other -- and of course, keeping the laughter coming. Laughter is the cushion of life -- and certainly of a marriage.

The truth is, I'm a big believer in romance and I believe a great relationship is worth fighting for. So, in celebration of romance and commitment, here's a look at some celebrity couples who have defied the odds and stayed together.

Defying the Odds: Long-Lasting Celebrity Couples