05/22/2012 08:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Craft Of The Day: Make This Quirky Clothespin Chandelier

Ordinary clothespins become the basis for a stand-out chandelier with this Craft Of The Day. This light fixture, made entirely of clothespins from Young House Love, is a quirky, fun way to add oomph and texture to any room. We think it's a great accent to a living room or bedroom, but it would obviously be fitting in a laundry room too! Keep reading for the how to.

clothes pin light

Photo by Young House Love.

What You'll Need:
Light Kit (like this cord set from Ikea)
Ceiling Canopy (of your choice)
Wire Fencing (Simliar products available at Lowes)
White Gloss Spray Paint
22-gauge craft store wire
Metal Snips (such as these metal snips from Grainger.com)
Eight bags of medium sized clothes pins
Three heavy-duty ceiling hooks

How to Make It:
1. With the help of a handy man or electrician, install the light kit and attach the ceiling canopy of your choice.
2. After donning your gloves, cut out a piece of wire fencing about 9.5" tall. Bend it into a loop, creating a drum-shade shape with a 10" diameter.
3. Bind the loop using 22-gauge wire.
4. Spray the wire fencing with white glossy spray paint.
5. Attach the clothespins to the wire framing in any pattern you'd like (zig-zagging: clipping every other clothes pin on adjacent rows, allowing for more light exposure).
6. Finally, screw in three heavy-duty ceiling hooks around the ceiling canopy and attach the chandelier with more 22-gauge wire. Voila!

For the full tutorial, visit Young House Love.

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Craft Of The Day

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