05/23/2012 04:55 pm ET Updated May 24, 2012

Kyrie Irving Is Uncle Drew: Cavaliers Star Schools Pick-Up Players In Pepsi Max Ad (VIDEO)

It took a few hours for Cavaliers' rookie Kyrie Irving to suit up, complete with prosthetics and a whole lot of make-up. But the response to this video suggests it may have been time well spent. In a new Pepsi ad, the 2011-2012NBA Rookie of the Year stuns a few unsuspecting pick-up players as "Uncle Drew," an old-school alter ego.

Irving transforms into Uncle Drew, a lethargic old man who pontificates on basketball greats like Wilt Chamberlin while lamenting on the "flashy shoes" of today's game. Uncle Drew joins an entourage that follows his "nephew," Kevin, to a public court in New Jersey where they are purportedly filming a fake documentary showcasing Kevin's skills. Things get interesting when one of Kevin's teammates gets injured during a pick-up game and Kevin asks Uncle Drew to come off the bench to fill in.

Irving plays reluctant at first as the opposing team and spectators scoff at the substitution. After a few air balls and a lot of heavy panting for good measure, Irving turns off the act and unleashes a fury of skills while staying in character.
The shock from everyone is palpable and Irving puts on a show, smoking everybody on the court.

After establishing himself as high school hoop star in the Garden State, Irving spent just one season at Duke before being drafted first overall in the 2011 NBA draft. If he decides to make another career move down the road, perhaps he'll try his hand at acting. After all, it worked for Shaq, didn't it?