05/22/2012 07:46 am ET

London's 10 Best Pubs, According To National Geographic

With the Summer Olympics to begin in 66 days, travelers and sports fans from across the globe are gearing up to head to London. (Even if it means dealing with the Heathrow Airport mess that everyone's going on about.)

East London will be the epicenter of the events, though the whole city will surely be slammed. And, in between rounds of cheering on their favorite home teams, all those visitors are going to have to eat. Where else to fuel up or throw back a couple celebratory (or consolatory) pints than at one of England's best loved icons: the pub.

Of all the pubs in London, National Geographic has pared down the options to the top 10 in the new book "The 10 Best Of Everything." So, to help any Olympic adventurers decide where to head for a steak and kidney pie, we present NatGeo's 10 best pubs in London.

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Photo: Ewan-M/Flickr



Ten Best London Pubs