05/22/2012 05:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Webby Awards 2012: Patton Oswalt, Louis C.K. And The Funniest Moments (VIDEO)

It was a night for the nerds at The Webby Awards last night, as the evening was hosted by Patton Oswalt and the Person of the Year award was given to Louis C.K. In the spirit of the Webby Awards' famous brevity, let's get to the comedy videos. (Also, congrats to HuffPost Business, who won Best Business Blog!)

WATCH: In his opening, Patton encourages the audience to "raise a glass to present friends, and of course, a special toast to the masturbators at home."

WATCH: In a "human centipede of comedy," Patton introduces Jim Gaffigan, who introduces this 2012's Person of the Year, Louis C.K. Louie's five-word speech: "When I die, bye bye."

WATCH: In memeoriam, internet memes from the past year who are no longer with us. (Video created by Tremendosaur.)

WATCH: Know Your Meme founder Kenyatta Cheese gives Meme of the Year to Nyan Cat. According to him, it's the "Pulitzer Prize of Fucking Awesome."

WATCH: Cracked wins the People's Choice Award for Humor.

WATCH: Jason Sudeikis presents Best Short Form or Episodic Comedy to his fellow "SNL"-er Mike O'Brien for "Seven Minutes in Heaven."

WATCH: Drunk History Christmas on Funny Or Die wins Best Comedy Series.

WATCH: Siri Argument on CollegeHumor wins Best Comedy Short.

WATCH: The Onion wins Best Entertainment App:

WATCH: Patton says goodnight, as his scotch bottle is empty.