05/23/2012 12:04 pm ET

Lehman Art House Home Office At 7 West 54th Street Selling For $65 Million (PHOTOS)

Freelancers: if you've ever considered maybe upgrading your home office situation, i.e. not writing in your kitchen/bathtub/bedroom area, then we'd like to turn your attention to the Lehman Art House at 7 West 54th Street, a property hoping to put an end to your daily grind with its own video-conferencing rooms, trading rooms, and even a sauna to sweat off that work stress.

Just get ready to shell out $65 million for the stunning, Beaux-Arts building. That's $4,000 a square foot for office space.

Once the home of Lehman Brothers honcho Philip Lehman, the historical building was erected in 1899 by architect John H. Duncan. The property has since ditched its residence status and is now a state of the art office listed as ideal use for "a hedge fund, family office, or possible live-work arrangement."

As for the art that once decorated Lehman's home, Philip's son Robert donated the collection to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

See photos of the mansion below:



Lehman Art House