05/25/2012 10:28 am ET Updated Nov 15, 2012

Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

As enthusiastic viewers of "Girls," we've been rooting for Lena Dunham's continued success, but this week Jenny Slate tweeted about a dream that went beyond our wildest imagination: "Just woke up from a dream: @lenadunham was elected to be the president of the united states. We went to see a play together to celebrate."

That wasn't the only celebrity interaction that got our attention this week. After Molly Ringwald tweeted her praise of her "Pretty in Pink" co-star Jon Cryer, Andrew McCarthy let her know that he would not settle for second best and challenged Cryer to a duel. True, McCarthy is a man and therefore ineligible for our roundup, but given the context of his tweet, we've decided to make a rare exception and include him. (Andrew, you are in very good company.)

What else were women saying on Twitter this week? Click through the slideshow below to find out, and check back each week for our new favorites.

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Best Tweets From Women