05/24/2012 10:38 am ET Updated May 29, 2012

Chuck Shriner, Teen, 'Tebows' During Graduation; Mom Withholds Diploma

It turns out there's a time and a place for 'Tebowing,' and it's not when you walk across the stage at graduation.

Chuck Shriner learned that the hard way, and it almost cost him his diploma.

The 17-year-old football player got down on one knee during the Bishop Verot Catholic High School commencement in Fort Myers, Fla., on May 19 the Naples Daily News reports.

The audience burst into laughter, but school faculty -- including his mother, a math teacher -- didn't think the stunt was all that funny, particularly because they had discouraged students from acting out during the ceremony.

Upon his mother's request, Shriner was forced to clean the gym before he received his diploma the following week, the Daily News reported.

Like Shriner, several students have recently found themselves in hot water over pranks they considered harmless.

For their senior prank, a group of teens at Cascade High School placed 12,000 Post-It notes on windows and walls of their Clayton, Ind., building after allegedly receiving permission from a school board member.

The joke led to the suspension of six students and the termination of one custodian's job for allowing the students into the school after-hours, WISH-TV reports.

And when the students participated in a sit-in protesting the action taken on the janitor, the school suspended 57 teens.
The school eventually reversed their decision on the suspensions.

Meanwhile in Michigan, officials at Kenowa Hills High moved to suspend about 60 students for riding their bikes to school.

Although students were accompanied by a police escort and the mayor, the principal took issue with the stunt because caused additional traffic that prevented staff from getting to work on time, WOOD TV reports.