05/23/2012 04:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kid's To-Do List: Adorable Tasks A Child Has To Complete In A Day

The List. Always getting longer when you think you've made progress. It lives on scraps of paper or neatly on your phone -- and you live by it. Sometimes, the damn list gets so full, you forget to put the most important person on it. But, as one dad on Reddit discovered, a child's to-do list is something else entirely. Instead of the usual -- bills, call back that guy, pick up dry cleaning, Google cheap vacation houses -- his son wrote down eight "pressing" items to finish in one day. Take a look below for the perfect reminder of simpler times.

Children appear to be writing down all kinds of thoughtful messages lately. This week alone, one 8-year-old gave her father a wake-up call about aging (when she really just wanted to keep old balloons) and another little Picasso imagined a world in which The Hulk could take down the Kardashians.

Have your children drawn or written something with a message that seemed wise beyond their years? Send a photo of their masterpieces to!

Via Boing Boing