05/23/2012 08:40 am ET

'Revenge' Finale Season 1 Spoilers: Death And More Rocks The Hamptons

The "Revenge" Season 1 finale will be full of what viewers have come to know and love about the series: Emily "revenging." But will she kill?

In an interview with EW, Mike Kelley, the show's creator, said Emily's (Emily Van Camp) search for the white-haired man will put her in quite a predicament. "The question is, Is Emily willing to kill? Is she willing to take that final step?" Kelley teased. "For this show, the punishment fits the crime, so she’ll be faced with that decision, and, oddly enough, Nolan will try to be the voice of reason. It’s an eye for an eye. That’s how revenge works on this show."

Whether or not Emily does pull the trigger, thrusts the knife, or kills in some other way, somebody is going to die, Kelley told EW. Madeleine Stowe told TVLine that not one, “but actually several,” deaths could happen in the finale.

Meanwhile, Stowe, the icy Victoria Grayson, promised an explosive finale. Victoria attempts to clear her conscience, but it “leads to a game of cat-and-mouse and ends in a very explosive event -- literally explosive -- that has terrible ramifications for the family."

Deaths, murder (maybe) and so much more, it's going to be a big finale. "There's death, there's possible breakups. Everything is tested -- every relationship and character," Josh Bowman, who plays Emily's fiance and Victoria's son, told "There are about four episodes crammed into one. It's amazing."

As usual with "Revenge," expect lots of twists and turns. Henry Czerny, Victoria's estranged husband Conrad Grayson, told the finale will not disappoint viewers. "As intriguing and shocking as the pilot was ... the final episode in Season 1 will give you that kind of satisfaction and frustration and curiosity times 20."

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