05/24/2012 07:12 pm ET

Chad Ochocinco Robbed: Star Receiver Turns To Twitter To Get His Starbucks Card Back (VIDEO)

After his Escalade was broken into Wednesday morning, Chad Ochocinco vented his frustrations on Twitter. The New England Patriots wide receiver was particularly upset about the loss of his prized Starbucks card. This wasn't just any old card, though. It was the wide receiver's Gold card, issued as part of a customer loyalty program that entitles holders to a range of perks. Needless to say, Ochocinco expressed that he was quite upset when confronted with the reality of losing everything he had worked so hard for (in coffee points, of course).

After discovering that his car had been burglarized, Ochocinco tweeted "I wish Tyrannosaurus Rex diarrhea on whoever broke my window and stole my ‪#Gold‬ starbucks cards..."

The card wasn't the only thing missing from the vehicle. Ochocinco claimed that the suspect also nabbed his wallet and iPod during the robbery, two things he seems much less concerned about in his video. Luckily, Ochocinco's expansive reach on Twitter paid off when one of his followers tweeted that her mother had found his wallet, which apparently still contained his credit cards and license according to the Boston Herald. What's more, Starbucks even responded to the star's struggle via Twitter and offered to send him a new card.

WATCH: Ocho Laments His Lost Starbucks Card (Warning: Obscene Language)