05/24/2012 09:30 pm ET Updated Jul 24, 2012

Daniel Frank, LSD-Fueled Bay To Breakers Runner, Goes On Wild Rampage

Lesson of the day, folks: LSD and Bay to Breakers aren't the best combination.

Santa Clara resident Daniel Frank learned that the hard way when, during last Sunday's festivities, the 21-year-old went on what can only be described as a wild rampage.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, Frank "very violently" ripped out a woman's hair, attacked other race participants and assaulted a female medic before being taken into custody, where a bag of hair was booked as evidence.

"He began spitting at the officer and ripped his star off," police officer Albie Esparza added.

Frank pleaded not guilty Wednesday to six felonies and three misdemeanor charges, including resisting arrest and vandalism.

Or as our friends over at SFist so aptly observed, "Charmed."

Perhaps Frank should have read our Bay to Breakers survival guide before hitting the streets?

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