05/24/2012 02:56 am ET Updated May 24, 2012

'Modern Family' Finale: Haley Goes To College; Gloria Discovers She's Pregnant (VIDEO)

While everyone was curious about the fate that awaited Haley after high school graduation on "Modern Family" (Wed., 9 p.m. ET on ABC) -- and they did get that answer -- but the real surprise came from someone else entirely. Cam and Mitchell got a phone call that they'd been selected by a pregnant mother to adopt her baby, and she was about to give birth.

Because she only spoke Spanish, they brought Gloria along for the big moment. A bout of car sickness on the way turned into something else. While the guys were devastated after a telenovela encounter at the hospital resulted in the grandmother opting to raise the baby instead, Gloria figured out why she was nauseous and picked up a pregnancy test at a gas station.

The episode closed with both Jay and Manny exhausted after taking Lily to a dance recital. While they were declaring that they were too old to deal with kids anymore, Gloria was revealing that she was pregnant. That should create some exciting new drama for Season 4. Entertainment Weekly is particularly excited to see how Gloria manages her sexy style with a pregnancy.

As for Haley, she did get accepted into a college. Luke had just hidden the acceptance letter -- he apparently has taken a lot of mail that he didn't want others to see. It saved Claire and Phil from having to fight with her over moving in with Dylan.

Find out as "Modern Family" returns to ABC's Wednesday lineup in Fall 2012.

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