05/26/2012 02:53 pm ET

Vadim Evseev Testimonial: 5-Year-Old Hrisan Dzheus Scores Goal As Russian Player Retires (VIDEO)

Russian soccer player Vadim Evseev may have been the focus of a recent testimonial match held in honor of his retirement from Torpedo Zhodino in Belarus, but he wasn't afraid to share the spotlight.

When the 36-year-old defender was subbed out of the testimonial deep into the second half, he was replaced by a very luck young boy, who was set on attacking. According to SC101blog, the boy is 5-year-old Hrisan Dzheus, the the son of a director for a Russian children's charity. Once on the field, Dzheus wasted no time in getting the ball and turning for goal.

Adorable and awesome.

Evseev, 36, has played professional soccer since 1993 and won the Russian Cup championship three times during his career.