05/25/2012 04:37 pm ET Updated Jul 25, 2012

Fox News Audio Fail: Repeated Glitches Cut Off Guests' Mics (VIDEO)

Fox News was having some technical difficulties on Friday afternoon.

Eric Bolling, filling in for Neil Cavuto, wasn't the problem: he was setting up his guests unflappably. The guests, however, couldn't be heard. They could hear Bolling just fine, and their mouths opened enthusiastically -- but nothing came out.

It seemed that there was a glitch with the network's remote audio feed, and at least three separate guests launched into their talking points, only for silence to emerge.

After this happened twice in a row, Bolling cut to a commercial. When he came back from break, things seemed to be better, only for another guest to cut out completely, his satellite feed gone.

As the venerable Inside Cable News blog would say, it was a prime example of "The Hazards Of Live TV."

Watch the first fail above, and the second below.



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