05/27/2012 11:04 am ET

Animal Photos Of The Week

The past week was marked by several unusual animal stories.

A Canadian man received quite a scare when a bear dragged him from an outhouse. Gord Shurvell, camping and fishing in Northern Ontario, was dragged into the brush by the black bear, but was rescued by his friend Daniel Alexander. Alexander told CBC, "The bear was down on all fours, with his head was down. And as soon as he done that, that's when I shot him, right in the head. Thank God that that bear turned."

In Arizona, a male pit bull refused to leave the side of a female pit bull for 14 hours. The dog, who reportedly appeared "very sad," nuzzled his deceased female companion by the side of a road for hours before officials removed him to a shelter.

Officials in Florida busted an alleged cockfighting ring in the Keys this week. Investigators discovered over 250 chickens in two apartments. One resident was charged 52 counts of animal cruelty.

In other animal news, a video surfaced this week of a baby penguin meeting a human for the first time. Taken on a trip to Antarctica, the penguin pecks the man's head, but luckily misses his eyes.

Below, check out some of the best animal photos from the past week. For even weirder animal pictures, check out these creatures that made a top 10 list of species described in 2011.

Animal Photos Of The Week 5/27/12