05/29/2012 11:11 am ET

Batman Phone: Nokia Lumia 900 With Bat-Signal Coming Just In Time For Dark Knight Rises Release

Dah na na na na na na na: BAT-PHONE!

If you've ever wanted to place wireless phone calls like Batman does, it appears that Nokia just might have a product for you: The cell phone giant has announced a limited edition Batman-themed smartphone.

What makes this particular Lumia 900 Batman-specific? Well, for one thing, its rear camera comes with a pretty powerful flash, which is perfect if you want to take a photo on a Dark Night. (I'll be here all week). Really, though, it's the design of the back cover that makes this thing a bona fide Bruce Wayne gadget, as the trademark Bat Signal graces the area right below the main camera lens on the back.

(Let's hope this thing has better voice quality than, say, Bane's mask).

Details on availability of the Lumia 900: Dark Knight edition are slim -- the only real evidence we have of its existence is a lone tweet from Nokia HQ, showing off the above picture with the caption "Custom Lumia 900 straight out of Gotham City)." A Nokia rep has told cell phone specialty site Pocket-Lint that the limited edition Batman Lumia will initially be available in the United Kingdom and a few other European countries; no word on price or release date, but I'd imagine it will go on sale some time close to the release of The Dark Knight Rises, slated to hit theaters and make millions and millions of dollars on July 20th.

We've asked Nokia if the Batman Lumia will ever find its way to American soil. When we hear back, we'll be sure to update you.

As Engadget has noted, this isn't the first Batman-themed hardware sold by Nokia. A Batman Lumia 800 was available for a limited time in December of 2011. Nokia released only 40 of those handsets worldwide.

(Fun fact: Microsoft-focused blog Redmond Pie points out that Nokia has an even deeper connection with summer blockbusters, as a modified Nokia 8110 with a spring-loaded slider was featured in The Matrix back in 1999; that movie -- and the spring-loaded sliding phone in the movie itself -- was so popular that Nokia decided to adapt a spring-loaded sliding mechanism into its next phone, the Nokia 7110.

Well, now we're way off-topic. The point is, Nokia is readying a limited run of Batman-themed Lumia 900s, and you're probably going to have to act fast, and maybe live in Europe, to get your hands on one. Otherwise, you might have to settle for a regular old Lumia 900, sans Batman logo (we reviewed it right here). I know it's not a Batman-phone, but at $99 with a two-year contract, it's not like they're Robin you.