05/28/2012 05:17 pm ET

Eden Hazard To Chelsea: Belgium Star Reveals Choice On Twitter

Months of speculation have ended as coveted playmaker Eden Hazard has tweeted on Monday that he will join Chelsea. This news comes shortly after Chelsea won the Champions League. The 21-year-old has been targeted by the Blues as well as Manchester City and Manchester United.

This tweet indicating that he would join Chelsea -- who defeat Bayern Munich in the UCL Final -- came several hours after Hazard teased his followers (and likely his suitors) by merely tweeting that he had made up his mind.

Chelsea found itself in an enviable position in the recruitment as they not only could boast of winning the Champions League but they also have an opening at striker thanks to the departure of Didier Drogba. The Belgium international who had previously starred at Lille recently made it clear that playing time would be a key factor in his choice.

"My decision will depend on my position and how much playing time I will get," Hazard had previously told HLN, per "It will be Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea. Not everyone can say that they have a choice between three top clubs."

At the time, Hazard had narrowed his choice down to Chelsea and the rivals from Manchester. It seems that he has made his decision and will head to London. According to The Guardian, Hazard is coming to Chelsea on five-year deal worth £32 million.

Will Hazard form a potent partnership with incumbent striker Fernando Torres? Is he the perfect replacement for Drogba?