05/29/2012 10:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Matt, Little Boy, Feels Dizzy After Surgery And Anesthesia

If you've seen "David After Dentist" -- which morphed from a funny YouTube clip into both a meme and an industry -- and joined this young woman from North Carolina on her post-wisdom-tooth-removal trip to Hogwarts ("I'm a wizard. I'm a wizard!"), you might think you have an idea of how wacky kids on anesthesia can be.

But a newcomer, Matt, came on the scene this weekend -- you can see his contribution above -- and he takes it to a whole new level of silliness. Viral Viral Videos wonders whether "we have the next David After Dentist on our hands," and Jezebel has already compared Matt to a "confused frat boy" and a "drunken valley girl." But mostly, he's just "dizzaaaaaay."

Watch the first video above and check out this "sequel" for especially choice quotes, like "Guys, my voice sounds really funky" and "Dad, you're super silly":