05/30/2012 11:28 am ET

New Associated Press Stylebook Gets Social Media, Fashion Updates

The times are changing and the Associated Press is changing with them, it seems.

The news organization released the Associated Press stylebook for 2012 on Wednesday. The updated version includes new chapters on fashion and broadcast terms, and an expanded section about social media. The changes span new terminology in broadcasting, social media and fashion, as well as advice on using social media tools for reporting and best practices for creating content.

"At nearly 500 pages, the AP Stylebook continues to evolve to meet the diverse needs of writers and editors," the organization said in a statement on Wednesday.

Other updates include "revisions to Stylebook listings on age, race and Olympics, as well as updating the definition of 'hopefully,' to allow the modern usage, meaning 'it is hoped,'" according to the AP. The last change did not go over well with some people.