05/30/2012 07:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

National Museum Month: As It Comes To An End, Your Burning Dinosaur Questions Are Answered

There's something about wandering into empty halls filled with dinosaur fossils at the American Museum of Natural History that immediately awakens the 6-year-old inside of you. Everything's basically the same in the early morning, except there's no lines, no screaming -- just a bunch of completely silent, very large dinosaur bones.

Obviously a very successful movie franchise has been made about this very phenomenon, but as we come to the end of another long-awaited National Museum Month (it was long-awaited for some of us, okay?), it seemed natural to talk about dinosaurs.

We went to Twitter to solicit some of your best dinosaur questions and then we brought them to Mark Norell, who is chairman of the world-renowned paleontology department at the Natural History Museum and has been with the department for more than 20 years.

Click through the Twitter questions we answered:

Dino Qs

Norell taught us quite a bit. We didn't know that most dinosaurs were once covered in feathers (wusses), that the precise color of their scales was a mystery until very recently, and that the first dinosaur bones discovered in America were unearthed in a region that Snooki herself would approve.

Thanks to Huffpost Culture readers for your questions and to the museum for the great access. Check out the video:

Shot by Liam Billingham