05/30/2012 06:04 pm ET

'The Night Circus': Condolences

This past weekend we began reading Erin Morgenstern's "The Night Circus" at home, at the office and on the beach. Even though we've just barely cracked open the book (we've read up to page 65, to be more exact) we've all had different reactions to plot points, characters and even the timeline of the story itself.

"The first sentence of the book is, "The circus arrives without warning." Already, mystery has been alluded to" - Assistant Books Editor Maddie writes in her update.

“The beginning of the book is all about facilitating and setting up the suspension of disbelief.
The structure of the book resembles the way your mind jumps around in dreams. A linear structure would go against the mood the author wants to induce..." - community member Asemeco adds.

"I don't mind the struture. It seems much of the books i've been reading lately skips around much the same way," reports community member prfktstrngr527.

One particular plot point that seems to be on reader's minds is Celia's ring: It is a symbol of her past or her future?

Leave your thoughts on our discussion page and tune in this coming Sunday night when we'll read pages 65-141, or "The Contortionist's Tattoo" through "Atmosphere." As always, you can leave your thoughts on Twitter with the hashtag #hpbookclub, or on our Facebook page.

Thanks for reading!

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