05/30/2012 05:57 pm ET

US News & World Report: Denver's Sweet Action Ice Cream Among America's Very Best (PHOTOS)

Terrible pun alert: Denver's ice cream shops are the 'cream' of the crop. But you already knew that. The rankings-obsessed US News & World Report didn't, though -- at least, not until recently.

Just in time for summer, the paper ranked America's best ice cream shops. Sneaking in at #7 is none other than Denver's very own Sweet Action Ice Cream.

While we lack the budget to taste ice cream from all Sweet Action's competitors (we can dream, right?), we will announce unequivocally that Sweet Action has the best name. Chicago's "Brown Cow" ranked 12th (yawn), Cambridge's "Toscanini's" comes in at #2 (don't even know how to pronounce that), and the top rank goes to "Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams" in Columbus (honest, if uninspired).

But Sweet Action is far from Denver's only great spot for ice cream. Check our list for the hottest--erm, chillest--spots in town:



Best Ice Cream Shops In Denver

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