06/01/2012 03:48 pm ET

Entrepreneur Stories From Baby Boomers Wanted

Do you have an inspiring story to tell about your life after 55? The Center for Productive Longevity wants to hear it. The Center launched its "Later-Life Story Contest," today. The winner receives a trophy and $1,000.

Entries, which can be up to 1,200 words, will be accepted in two categories: entrepreneur success stories and inspirational life stories from people 55 and older. The Center will bring in three independent judges to choose a winner in each. The contest closes August 31 and winners will be announced October 1.

In addition to encouraging these "trailblazers" who have stories to tell and inspiring other Boomers to emulate their example, the Center hopes the contest will challenge the stereotypes many Americans were raised with and still cling to about the capabilities of older people.

The Center for Productive Longevity is an organization founded by Human Resources Services, Inc. with a mission to "stimulate the substantially increased engagement of workers 55+ in paid or volunteer activities so that they can continue to be productive contributors." In light of the current economic climate, the Center has put a particular focus on entrepreneurship as a way of creating new jobs for individuals and stimulating the economy as a whole.