06/01/2012 10:17 am ET

Young Director Awards Commercial: Boy Gives Parents 'Sex Advice' (VIDEO)

A commercial for the Cannes Advertising Festival’s Young Director Award, an award designed for directors who are just starting out, presents many parents' greatest fear: Private mommy-daddy time being interrupted by a child.

In this instance, the child is an intense Brit, a redheaded boy in glasses and car pajamas.

"This is all wrong," he says when he sees his parents in bed at 6:15 a.m., and proceeds to bark orders at them to make the scene "work."

"I need more excitement, more passion, more feeling," he tells dad.

The commercial's tagline is "directing, it's in your bones." So, viewers, don't worry, this little boy is not a pervert. He's just a film director in the making! Babble's Carolyn Castiglia is not assuaged. She says, "The kid delivers one of the grossest, most awkward, creepy monologues I’ve ever heard."

Creepy or not, you've gotta give kudos to the writers for this kid's last line: "Remember, mommy, the light is your friend."

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