06/01/2012 02:55 pm ET Updated Aug 01, 2012

National Donut Day: San Francisco's 13 Most Delectable Donuts (PHOTOS)

This article comes to us courtesy of Refinery 29.

By Cheryl Locke

Here in the Bay, we're in the midst of a donut renaissance. (It's war, cupcakes!) Ushering in this local sugary explosion is a pair of grand openings dedicated to Homer's favorite treat: Donut Savant and Doughnut Dolly. And to add to the fried-carb insanity, there's even a new burger made with a donut bun, and it's on wheels! What's more? This Friday, June 1, is officially National Donut Day.

So, in the spirit of our times, we girded our loins and logged in an extra spinning class to bring you our 13 favorite donuts, a baker's dozen celebrating everything from mom-and-pop classics to wildly imaginative artisanal creations (think spiked, bacon-injected, and crème-fraîche-filled options). Wanna see our top picks? We suggest pouring yourself a glass of milk, because we're going on a no-calories-barred, crispy-and-creamy journey to celebrate the perfect storm of junk food, a once-in-a-year holiday, and our culinary zeitgeist of the moment. Start clicking...and get that dough!

Take a look at a sample of the Bay's best donuts below, and click over to Refinery 29 for the full list: