06/04/2012 03:21 pm ET

Popularity Contest 'Outliers'

Steve Shepard assesses the Barrett campaign's criticism of the Marquitte Law School poll.

Ryan Enos and Lynn Vavreck warn against making too much of bumps and wiggles in same sex marriage polls.

Frank Newport sees no clear leader for 2012, just like 2004.

Charlie Cook sees ominous signs for Obama in Gallup's polling data.

Nate Silver says Obama is no Jimmy Carter.

Sarah Dutton reviews what May polls say about November elections. NPR's Ari Shapiro does the same.

" target"_hplink">Michael Dimock and Ann Selzer talk to Scott Simon about what to watch for in polls.

David Hill attributes rocking polls to volatile independents.

Kristen Soltis sees continuing pain for younger Americans in the May jobs report.

Charles Blow shares two "G.O.P. nightmare" polling charts.

John Sides tackles the Politico story on media bias.

Hans Noel says 2012 was the year the ideological party decided.

Michael Scherer proclaims the end of political polling.

Scott Keeter addresses AAPOR on new frontiers in survey research.

SurveyUSA notices a big cell-phone-only gap in Nevada.

Sean Miller reports on pollsters wary of New Hampshire's "push-polling" crackdown.

Michelle Obama does not lord her superior approval ratings over President Obama.