06/01/2012 02:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Head of the Roads Department of Georgia / J. Mayer H

By Victoria King
(originally published on ArchDaily)


© Jesko M. Johnsson - Zahn

In 2009, the head of the Roads Department of Georgia commissioned J. Mayer H. to design a system of 20 rest stops for the new highway, a thoroughfare that will run through Georgia and serve as a connection between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey. Two rest stops are now complete, while a third is currently under construction.

Architects: J. Mayer H. Architects
Location: Lochini, Georgia
Design Team: Jürgen Mayer H., Paul Angelier, Danny te Kloese
Completion: 2012
Client: PM Motors Ltd.
Photographs: Jesko M. Johnsson – Zahn



The new rest stops are located on selected scenic viewpoints along the route and serve as activators for their area and neighbouring cities, including not only nearby a gas stations and supermarket, but also a farmers market and a cultural space for local arts and crafts.

Rest Stop In Georgia