06/02/2012 11:36 am ET

The Funniest Someecards Of The Week (PICTURES)

What should have been a low-key week kicking back in the new summer heat with a disguised copy of "50 Shades of Grey" turned into a nightmare with a series of disturbing events that many are calling a "Zombie Apocalypse."

It all started on Saturday when a man in Florida, allegedly under the influence of dangerous hallucinogenic drugs, removed a man's face with his teeth. That terrifying story was followed by reports of a man who threw his own intestines at cops, a man who admitted to eating his roommate's hearts, and a man who cut off his wife's lips off out of jealously.

On Jezebel, Lindy West voiced her frustrating with the increasing number of "Zombie Apocalypse" memes and slideshows on the Web when in reality, the horrifying events shed light on the lack of resources available for people with mental illnesses and drug addictions.

In response, a number of commenters argued that it's appropriate to use memes and other humor to cope with such a horrifying situation. And indeed, jokesters over at Someecards have tried this week to find humorous takes on the crimes, as well as offering laughs on lighter topics.

As usual, we've picked our favorite cards for the week -- vote for your favorites and check out the site for more!

The Funniest Someecards Of The Week!