06/03/2012 02:57 pm ET

Karl Lagerfeld Live Diamond Jubilee Coverage Includes Praise Of Kate Midleton's Butt

We never knew Karl Lagerfeld was such a royal enthusiast until today, when he took his seat beside journalists Marie Drucker and Stéphane Bern to cover the Diamond Jubilee barge pageant for France 2 television.

We got sucked into the BBC's livestream of the event (if you missed it, check out our recap coverage here). But luckily Karl shared his best musings throughout the pageant on Twitter, albeit in French.

We're always down for a good Karl bon mot, so we perused the designer's tres chic feed and found this gold nugget:

"Elle nous montre qu'elle a une chute de reins aussi charmante que celle de sa soeur."

According to Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman, that loosely translates into: "Kate Middleton has a bottom as lovely as her sister's." Good to know!

The Kaiser also praised Queen Elizabeth II for her mysterious quality, saying "La Reine est mystérieuse mais humaine -- sans mystère, ça ne marcherait pas." He was also a big fan of the weather, noting that the gray rain lent a poetic quality to the whole proceedings. (Ed. note: Karl reported this thought from inside a dry, warm studio.)

Then he produced a sketch of the queen, done that very day. The wonders of Karl never cease.

See more coverage of the barge pageant here! Karl's sketch is below.



The Diamond Jubilee Barge Pageant