06/04/2012 02:46 pm ET

Andrew Madoff And Fiance Catherine Hooper Can't Find An Apartment In New York City

No one will rent an apartment to Andrew Madoff and his fiance, Catherine Hooper, The New York Post reports, even when the two are willing to drop $20,000 a month on an apartment.

Hooper makes appointments to look at some luxe pads in TriBeca and The West Village by herself, a source tells The Post. She tells the brokers she's simply looking for a space for her fiance and their children-- all while neglecting to mention that her fiance is the son of ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff.

When landlords discover who Hooper's future hubby is, however, the couple's offer is always rejected. “My owners would never, ever rent to him,” a broker told The Post. “They will go through a lot of rejections.”

Although Andrew Madoff was not complicit in his father's record-breaking theft, he is accused of netting $60 million through the fraudulent family business.

His brother, Mark, killed himself inside his Soho apartment.

His mother, Ruth Madoff, admitted to "60 Minutes" that she and Bernie once attempted suicide together on Christmas Eve. "I don't know whose idea it was, but we decided to kill ourselves because it was so horrendous what was happening," Ruth Madoff tells reporter Morley Safer. "We had terrible phone calls. Hate mail, just beyond anything and I said '...I just can't go on anymore.' "

Hooper is the founder of Black Umbrella, a company that consults on emergency preparedness.