06/04/2012 04:42 pm ET

Cupcake Lovers Weekend: Hilton Hotels Offer 'Special Celebration Of Frosted Fun,' World Sighs

It's nearly impossible to walk a few blocks in any major city and not stumble upon a cupcake shop. They have infiltrated urban centers, prompting a cupcake backlash, or at least a serious eye roll from those that are so over them (there's all those artisanal donut shops to frequent now, after all).

The Hilton Bonnet Creek in Orlando, Florida still sees value in these treats, however, and is offering a second annual Cupcake Lovers Weekend (a releases promises that it will be "even sweeter than the first") from June 15 - 16.

So what does one do at a weekend devoted entirely to the love of cupcakes? Here's a list of activities:

  • Cupcake Decorating Tips – An opportunity to learn decorating techniques that you can incorporate into your next batch of cupcakes!
  • The Cupcake Bar – Curb your cupcake craving with a stop at our lobby coffee and sweet shop.
  • Cuppycake Kids Zone – A chance for children to decorate their own cupcake, as well as other cupcake crafts.
  • Cupcake Walk – Our recreation team has created cupcake themed activities around the pool, including a special version of a cakewalk… the Bonnet Creek Cupcake Walk!
  • Cupcake Displays – Enjoy a display of cupcakes decorated by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek pastry chefs.
  • Cupcake Voting – Guests can enjoy a display of cupcakes created by Hilton team members… and vote on their favorite designs!
  • Cupcake Martinis – The Hilton lounges will feature special “cupcake” themed martinis… you’ve got to try these!
  • Savory Cupcakes – Harvest Bistro will be serving several “savory” entrée cupcakes – the latest trend in cupcakes!

Still not sure what goes on at this "special celebration of frosted fun?" Here's a video of last year's extravaganza. Spoiler alert: unless you really, really, really like cupcakes, you might want to steer clear.