06/04/2012 10:11 am ET Updated May 28, 2014

The Best Way To Make Pizza This Summer Is On The Grill (RECIPES)

Bev Cooks

The hotter it gets outside, the less inclined we are to turn up the heat on the oven inside. Once summer hits its peak, turning your oven on becomes something only crazy people do. It's just too dang hot.

But just because the temperature has risen past comfortable, that doesn't mean we don't crave pizza. (We always want pizza -- even during the most sweltering days of summer.) That's where the grill comes into play.

Grilled pizzas help us get through the summer months. Not only do they give us another excuse to make dinner outside, but pizzas are just really good when cooked on the grill -- even better than in your oven, pizza stone or not. The crust gets a nice char from the grates. The heat of the grill makes the dough perfectly crisp. And it all happens in a matter of minutes.

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