06/05/2012 01:03 pm ET Updated Jun 05, 2012

Fox News' Ed Henry Clashes With White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Over Private Equity Donors (VIDEO)

Fox News' Ed Henry had a testy exchange with White House press secretary Jay Carney over President Obama's donors in private equity on Monday.

Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital has been a main point of criticism for the GOP candidate. During Monday's White House press briefing, Carney argued that Romney's experience did not qualify him for the presidency. Henry questioned that line of reason, pointing out that Obama was accepting donations from supporters in the same field.

The exchange starts at the 33:59 mark in the video above. "Jay, you gave an impassioned case there about private equity a couple moments ago, how about it doesn’t really prepare you for the presidency," Henry said. "Why then is the President raising money at a hedge fund manager’s home in New York tonight?"

Carney responded that unlike Romney, Obama's supporters weren't running for president. "No, but if it’s so evil, why is he —" Henry began to say.

Carney interrupted him, claiming that the reporter was putting words in his mouth. "No, no, Ed," he protested. "Those are your words, okay. I never said that and you know it, and neither did the —"

"You said it's all about profit," Henry interjected.

Carney said that "maximizing profit" was the top priority for people in Romney's career field, while "job creation is incidental."

"So why is he spending time with job creators tonight?" Henry asked. Carney replied with praise for the president's supporters, whom he said knew that they would "pay a little bit more as part of a balanced approach" to the budget. He also took a jab at donors to Romney super PACS, saying that those people get "tax relief" out of their support.

Henry has had tense exchanges with the White House before, repeatedly sparring with Carney. Obama once quipped that he didn't know Henry was a spokesperson for Romney.



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