06/05/2012 12:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Sailing Ships,' Students' Beautiful Graduation Song, Goes Viral (WATCH)

With millions of high school seniors donning caps and gowns and saying teary farewells to the friends they love and the teachers who inspired them, a slew of touching viral videos from graduations across the country has swept the Internet. Among them, a beautiful original song written and performed by two high school seniors, titled "Sailing Ships," made it to the front page of Reddit and racked up over 110,000 views on YouTube since it was posted on Friday. Graduating senior and talented vocalist Kate Brady, accompanied by Nissa Jane on cello, sings, "Sailing ships away, they drift apart like you and I. Please don't ask me where I'm going, I couldn't tell you if I tried."

The impressive performance has inspired a slew of glowing comments. One YouTube user insisted, "This needs to be professionally recorded."

In other amazing and emotional senior goodbye videos, a stunning time-lapse of one day at Montgomery Blair High in Maryland School, created as a homage to the school by the student newspaper's graduating photo editor, shows the daily life of a high school student in a whole new light. And on a more humorous note, Samuel 'Blowfish' Blyveis, a graduating senior from the St. Joseph High School Class of 2012, didn't just give a crowd-pleasing speech -- he rapped it. He offered the following words of advice to incoming students: "Don't don't freak out or focus too much on finding your style / It will build from you; you define what cool is. / And that's how you get through high school, kids."