06/06/2012 10:21 am ET Updated Jun 06, 2012

11 Celebrities Who Are Not Going To College In 2012 (PHOTOS)

When you're the highest paid child actor, making $300,000 per episode, it's hard to walk away from that to attend college.

It's a tough life for Two & A Half Men star Angus T. Jones, who plays "Jake Harper" on the popular CBS sitcom. He said wants to eventually go to college. Yet, he's now 18 and with Two & A Half Men renewed for season 10, there are no reports he'll try to leave that to start his higher education.

Jones isn't the only young celebrity who won't be making an appearance in a college classroom in the fall. Popular singers like Justin Beiber and Demi Lovato are holding off on advancing their education. You might spot a hipster with a Skillrex-styled haircut on campus, but that won't be the real DJ.

Check out 11 more young celebs who are skipping school -- at least for this year:

11 Celebrities Who Won't Be Going To College In Fall 2012