06/06/2012 02:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Garden Wall Ideas: When Plants Become Interior Decor (VIDEO)

Forget wall paintings and murals. The newest trend hitting homes across the nation: Living walls. These decor features are interior gardens that literally grow vertically up a wall. These unique indoor gardens are made entirely of plants and often cover large expanses. They emerged years ago in hotels, airports and office buildings but are now becoming popular with homeowners desiring unique wall art (or an indoor garden!)

interior garden

We think vertical gardens are beautiful and impactful whether small or large. But the question on our minds was: How do you water them? Well, more costly systems often include or require a monthly maintenance plan, in which an expert comes in to the home and cares for the plants every month. Others have slender openings at the top of the installation where water can be poured in and dribble down to reach the plants. We're not entirely sure that this will become as common as artwork in future homes, but there's no doubt these vertical gardens make a unique statement.