06/06/2012 06:00 pm ET

Heat Fan Yells 'Good Job, Good Effort' After Loss To Celtics In Game 5 (VIDEO)

As LeBron James and his Miami Heat teammates walked off the court after a disappointing loss to Boston at home in Game 5, there was one young fan trying to keep the team's spirits up.

"Good job! Good effort, good effort!," he cheered as the team walked, heads down back toward the locker room. "Good job! Good job!" (Of course, all sorts of internet memes have been created thanks to this kid)

Unfortunately for the Heat, the kid may be the only one cheering on their effort. Miami has come under heavy scrutiny for not being able to close out games. When James scored five straight points including a 25-foot 3-pointer to give Miami the lead early in the fourth, it looked like the Heat took all of the momentum. But Boston hung around. Then when Dwyane Wade added four more points to make it six-point game with six minutes left, it looked like Miami would run away with it.

Not so fast.

The Celtics turned up the pressure defensively, got some lucky bounces, made some timely shots and wrestled back the lead en route to a 94-90 win.

"My problem with Miami," Magic Johnson said after the game, "they don't have a will to win. And they can't go to another level to get the victory."

In other words, "poor job, weak effort." It seems LeBron might think differently from Magic -- and perhaps more like that young fan.

"We played good enough to give ourselves a chance to win," the three-time MVP told reporters after the game. "That’s all you can ask for."

Maybe the "Good Job Kid" would agree. But both may be in the vast minority on that one.

(You play to win the game!)