06/06/2012 05:46 pm ET Updated Jun 06, 2012

Jerry Sandusky Trial: Penn State Officials Won't Get To See Report On Scandal Until It's Made Public

Pennsylvania State University announced this week that school officials and trustees will not be able to review the report on the Jerry Sandusky scandal until it's shared with the public, the Associated Press reports.

Some members of the Penn State Board of Trustees initially said that they may get an early peek of former FBI chief Louis Freeh's report on his investigation into Sandusky's alleged child sexual abuse.

However, according to the Penn State Progress website's update on Monday:

The report is expected to be released late this summer and will be made available simultaneously to the University community, Board of Trustees, the media and the general public.

"No one from the board, the university or the Special Investigative Task Force will see the report, either in draft or final form, before it is released to the public," university spokesman Dave LaTorre told the AP.

Sandusky, a former Penn State assistant football coach, is charged with 52 criminal counts of abuse against 10 boys over 15 years. Some of the incidents allegedly took place on campus. Sandusky maintains his innocence.

Jury selection began this week for Sandusky's trial in Centre County. Many of people in the prospective jury pool have strong ties to Penn State. On Wednesday, the jurors and alternate jurors were chosen.



Key Players In The Sandusky Scandal At Penn State (All Images via AP)