06/07/2012 02:11 pm ET

Baby Otters, Detroit Zoo's Newest Triplets, Make Public Debut (PHOTOS)

Triple the otters, triple the fun! It looks like the Detroit Zoo's first baby river otters born in nearly 50 years are having a great time splashing around.

North American river otters Slyde and Bobby, boys, and Emmy, a girl, were born to mother Whisker and father Lucius on March 20. With 11-year-old female Stormy, the new pups bring the zoo's otter quotient up to six.

Emmy and her brothers could grow up to 3 feet in length and weigh up to 30 pounds.

River otters are not endangered, but in the wild they are threatened by pollution, habitat destruction and fur trapping.

While we're hard-pressed to believe rumors of psychic, soccer-game-winning predicting otters, the species is naturally playful and at home on land and in the water.

According to a statement, the triplets are already good swimmers. Zoo visitors can see them showing off at the opulent Edward Mardigian Sr. River Otter Habitat, an 8,200-gallon pool with a waterfall and water slide.

The otter pups join another baby animals coming into the limelight at the zoo. Bulgan, a male camel born in April, made his public debut last month.

If the pictures of the Detroit Zoo's new otter pups, below, leave you wanting more, don't worry -- there are plenty of other examples of otters being adorable.

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