06/07/2012 08:34 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kate Hudson's Early Bohemian Look... And How To Get It (PHOTOS)

Kate Hudson is one of those actresses who has a clear sense of personal style. You don't feel like she's been at the mercy of multiple stylists through the years. (In fact, she consistently works with the similarly free-spirited Rachel Zoe.) Kate has always given off a bohemian vibe and still incorporates hippie elements into her dress today, but it's interesting to see the origins of her look in this photo from the '90s. She's added some glitz to her wardrobe and cut back on the midriff-baring tops in the last decade, but she's left her signature golden locks and sparkling personality intact. What do you think: does Kate manage to pull off the bell-bottoms/cropped top combo, or is that impossible for anyone?

Shop the look and check out more fashion nostalgia photos and find out which products Kate relies on to keep her looking flawless.

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kate hudson

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