06/07/2012 05:56 pm ET Updated Jun 07, 2012

Smell Like Chicago: Perfume Company Sets Out To Bottle City's Scent

You may really, really love Chicago--but would you ever want to smell like it?

Chicago-based perfume and fragrance manufacturer Tru Fragrance is banking on it. They're teaming up with the city of Chicago to create a limited edition Eau de Parfum they hope will bottle all the city's essential fragrances.

Don't worry about smelling like hot dogs or exhaust fumes; the signature scent, called "Chicago First Harvest," focuses on a mixture of local plants to create a delicate floral scent that nods to the city's native flora.

Still hesitant to shell out the big bucks for a bottled whiff of Chicago? Locals can get their fix in Grant Park and the Chicago Botanic Garden, where the featured blooms--roses, lavender, and violets, Illinois' state flower--will be cultivated en masse. Those same flowers will be used to produce the bottled version down the line, according to the company.

Similar attempts at bottling an urban essence have been made by perfume company Scent of Departure, which replicated 14 different cities this month including Paris, Los Angeles and New York. Chicago didn't make the cut, but we have more faith in the locals at Tru Fragrance to do this city proud.

Does this floral mix match your concept of the city's scent? Tell us what you think in the comments.