06/08/2012 05:43 pm ET

Best D.C. Store For Father's Day: GoodWood

WASHINGTON -- It's Father's Day next weekend. Yes, the not-nearly-as-important-or-memorable-holiday-as Mother's Day is back again, ready to be ignored. But that's not fair. Dear old dad deserves a gift.

Since most people don't head home for this day of not very much fanfare, a simple gift is more than enough. The good thing about simple gifts is they can be purchased without much thought. The problem with simple gifts is getting them delivered in time. Though it's the weekend before holiday, it's the last chance to buy and ship something for pops.

GoodWood is our pick for Best Store For Father's Day Gifts. Full of a vintage fashions, rustic furniture and -- here's why it's our Father's Day store -- boutique cologne.

Whether your dad played catch with you everyday after school or he's just the name of a stranger on a birth certificate, there's no reason he should smell bad. Two of our favorite lines that GoodWood consistently carries is Royall Lyme, specifically the Rugby scent, and the solid perfumes of Patch NYC. It's fine if your dad smells like a high school locker room, but unless you crave the aroma of Axe body spray, this is a gift for him, you and the sniffing public.