06/08/2012 05:11 pm ET

Hello Kitty Reddit Roommate Prank Turns Manly Computer Into Sparkly Creation

Reddit roommate pranks are nothing new, but If you've ever wondered how to nicely prank your roommate while he's away, Redditor antibrian might have found the answer: Turn a manly computer into a girly and sparkly Hello Kitty creation.

[Scroll down for photos.]

Hello Kitty computers and accessories aren't rare. Hello Kitty is so ridiculously popular that the famous feline has inspired everything from kitty computers to Hello Kitty themed airport terminal gates and planes (don't hate.)

This cat gets around.

Maybe now that the roommate has a fancy new Hello Kitty computer he'll be set to go online with the Hello Kitty massively multiplayer online role playing game.

Or he'll just disassemble the computer and put it back the way it was, which, is probably the most likely scenario.

As of this writing, our friend's roommate hasn't come home from his week away to see his new bejazzeled computer, but antibrian set up a camera to capture his reaction. So head over to the Reddit thread to see how the roommate reacts. Or just revel at the evil genius in the slideshow below.

Hello Kitty Computer