06/08/2012 09:31 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Working With Butter: How To Keep It Cold In A Hot Kitchen

The summer brings with it a bounty of fresh berries and stone fruit, all of them perfect for turning into irresistible pies, crisps and shortcakes. But the problem with baking these summertime fruits is that they require butter-based crusts and doughs, which require ice-cold butter for flaky results. And when you're working in hot and stuffy kitchens (with hot hands), that's not so easy to accomplish.

It's a delicate dance between baking your recipe and keeping the butter cold. But it's an important one to pay attention to, because cold butter provides structure in baked goods. Click through the slideshow for tips on how to keep your butter cool in a hot summer kitchen.

Bake Better, Keep that butter cold.