06/08/2012 06:18 pm ET

Kara Koskowich, Canadian Student, Turns Homework Into Graduation Dress (VIDEO)

Instead of tossing her homework into the trash, one Canadian student fashioned the completed assignments into a graduation dress.

Kara Koskowich, 17, stitched about 75 pieces of math homework into a one-shoulder dress that captured the attention of friends and peers at her graduation ceremony, the CBC reports.

The dress is mostly white with a colorful belt made from neon Post-It notes.

Koskowich, who admitted the dress was finished just days before the reveal, said the papers were strategically placed to look like an explosion.

“For me, it's not a big, spend your money, you have to look this nice, you have to fit into this [mold] of grad,” Koskowich told the CBC.

Koskowich's dress might have stood out at commencement, but she's certainly not the only student to model a unique gown for a special occasion.

Earlier this year, several students sashayed into prom donning dresses made from soda tabs, cardboard and even Starburst wrappers.

Yet one teen's custom-made dress caused controversy among school officials, who later turned Texanna Edwards away from her senior prom.

The Tennessee teen arrived at the dance with a dress that resembled the Confederate flag and staff feared the ensemble would start trouble at the school, which has dealt with "race-related issues" in the past," the Tennessean reported.