06/10/2012 03:20 pm ET

Novak Djokovic Smashes Racquet Against Perrier Sign During French Open Final (VIDEO)

Novak Djokovic fell behind early in the French Open final against Rafael Nadal, losing the first two sets 6-4, 6-3. During a second-set changeover after the six-time French Open champion broke his serve for fifth time, Djokovic let his frustrations loose.

The world No. 1 slammed his racquet into the bottom of his bench, smashing a "Perrier" sign. By the time he was done, there was a gaping hole in the sponsor signage eliminating the two R's.

While the rain stoppage -- and ensuing frustrations of Nadal with the surface conditions -- certainly were a factor, perhaps Djokovic channeled some of his frustrations like Roger Federer did after anoutburst in the quarterfinals. Regardless of the reason, the Serb rallied in the third set. Djokovic came back from two games down, broke Nadal's serve and went on to win the set 6-2. Building on his momentum, Djokovic won the first two games of the fourth set before Nadal finally got one back. At 2-1, the match was suspended due to rain.

Federer yelled at the crowd for making noise during a point in his match against Juan Martin del Potro. Federer, who had dropped the first two sets, went on to take three sets in a row to advance to the semifinals (where he lost to Djokovic).

Unfortunately for Djokovic, we won't get to see him try to complete the comeback against Nadal until Monday.