06/11/2012 06:30 pm ET

50 Cent Opens Up To Oprah Winfrey On The Use Of The N-Word: Notable/Quotable

I think when actually using it with malice on your heart you can feel the difference in the way a person’s saying it [and how they say it]. When women are getting dressed, if she says, "hey bitch hurry up, we’re going to the mall, you’re holding us up." You don’t feel like when a man is saying that word to you. It’s degrading and it actually hurts just a little bit more. And the same [goes] with the word, n***a. At that point where it’s being used by someone that you know isn’t using it in the racial term, it doesn’t impact the same to the person that’s hearing it. They think it’s just a part of the way that they talk.

--Platinum-selling rap artist 50 Cent opens up on the use of the N-word. (OWN)

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